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Autumn Camp – 秋令营圆满结束!

beauty and brain!
Thanks to the support of UKPCE, National Council for Overseas Chinese and ShanDong provincial government, over 150 students from all over the UK have completed their week-long autumn camp, SUCCESSFULLY! Well done all volunteers and teachers! 详细报道更多照片

45th Anniversary! 中英建交45周年庆祝

beauty and brain!
Our students and teachers has taken an active role in this enormous event.

20年校庆! 20th Anniversary!

beauty and brain!

Teachers performing “the story of a little town” – 教工表演唱《小城故事》

support from all

Consular Fei speaking to congratulate! – 费总领事讲话

support from all!
support from all

Mr Ng (MBE) donating £1000 to LMS on behalf of UPAPCE – 伍会长代表促进会捐款1000镑!

support from all!
support from all
support from all!

Junior School Progression Awards – 小学部颁奖

support from all

Year 1 cuties – 1年级小朋友

support from all!

Year 5 performing “The Secret of Youth” – 5年级表演《青春手册》

Read the report 阅读报道

More photos 更多照片



Fund raised by GuangDong Chamber of Commerce (UK), in support of LMS

“英国广东商会昨天晚上11/12/2016在金凤凰酒楼成功举办了圣诞慈善晚会。“晚會所得善款將捐給霖賢中文學校、倫敦普通話簡體字學校和倫敦無家可歸人士。”我定了一桌,把信息发到了我们学校群。活动非常成功,善款发到了伦敦无家可归的慈善机构和两所中文学校。费总领事把一张300磅的善款支票发给了我校。” (note from Headteacher)

Handcraft class – join them for more fun. See their exhibitions

A gift from Red Army primary school. 红军小学的礼物

Follow us to enjoy more than you can see here!

中秋节百家宴,家长们真伟大!Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration!


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百家宴 — 穿百家衣,吃百家饭,保佑孩子,一生平安!

大家好! 给大家拜年了! 学校决定在这周2月21日,在家长休息食堂举行庆新春贺元宵百家宴活动! 建议每位家长奉献一道或二道自己的拿手菜,可以是冷菜,熟食,点心,蛋糕,小吃等,可自己做或不会的也可以从超市买回,那天下午我们家长们齐乐融融一起品美食话家长聊新春过新年! 届时还将由家长们品尝后评出,最佳头菜奖,最佳主菜奖,最佳面点奖,最佳蛋糕奖!欢迎家长们施展特长,展示自己拿手菜,多多奉献展示厨艺,扬我中华美食。期待也! 同时, 请大家穿上喜庆的节日服装, 一起庆祝新年的美好! 期待周日见到大家! 伦敦普通话简体字学校

LMS’s 2016 Concert

NEW facility – LMS Online Application Form – you can apply online via phones, tablets, and laptops etc. 在线申请,方便又环保!

LMS’s Got Talents! The Talent Show was a huge success! YouTube Videos and Photos to follow. 2015年才艺表演-圆满成功!请看YOUTUBE视频图片。-28th June, 2015

汉考在周末中文学校的应用 – 以考促学,中文推广的新思路 – 2015-06-23 新欧华报 (News report on HSK and YCT tests in LMS)

(来源:微信xiaojiu 朱小久 19:37)
祝贺包粽子活动成功!今天我们的选手在第十三届普通话朗诵比赛上成绩优异!照片录像等!能直接链接微信的朋友请帮忙,能省去复制过程!) – Congratulations to the success of Zongzi festival! Our students have competed really well in today’s national competition. Photos.

(廖秀琴报道)今日(21/06/2015)我中文学校家长会动员家长们齐动手包粽子,庆端午节。我们组织每班学生前往观看10分钟,最后一堂课时,每个学生和老师各得一个,自己带回家煮了吃。[调皮]就这样每人一个,家长们也要包300多个,任务不轻啊![强][强][强] 我班学生兴致勃勃地观看,还问了很多问题[偷笑]。今天又跟他们讲了端午节,粽子,和屈原,希望他们能记住。[微笑] 照片录像!能直接链接微信的Moments的朋友请帮忙,能省去复制过程!) – The Parents Group have organised today’s Zongzi making demonstrations. Many parents demonstrated to students how to make Zongzi. All students went to the kitchen in small groups and were given a free one as gift. It was a huge task to make over 300 zongzi! Photos

兴趣爱好课及现代舞蹈课和现代音乐制作课招生通知 – Dance, Music and …. – A variety of classes for students!

共庆中国年•八闽文化走进英国 � 伦敦篇 – Fujian culture in Britain, @ London

学生作文集锦 – Students’ essays

青年俊杰,才华横溢;十指灵动,壮我华威!Youth and Beauty, Chinese and Talents in Britain!

“庆元宵,猜灯谜”– 伦敦普通话简体字学校深化中华文化活动 – Celebrate YuanXiao Festival – riddles and prizes for students!

书法入门兴趣班-开课通知 (2015年3月15日-7月12日)- a master class of Chinese calligraphy!

“Wow, 3 day Autumn Camp for 200 students” – Experts from China and teachers from LMS co-hosted the event. A Great Success! (Photos to follow). Read more …

Congratulations to our teachers Feng Yan and Wang Min who have been awarded State Council Excellent Teacher awards! Zhan Xiaolin has been awarded the UKAPCE Teacher of the Year! (Send photos if you have any good ones!)

“You study, We donate!” Flashcard Generator for students, for any subject!