Teacher Training

3 February 2013

All teachers, administration team and parents’ representatives attended the first training event of 2013. Below are some of the resources and websites discussed. During the heated discussion we shared experiences and identified further actions for future improvement. The school will hold regular training sessions in order to maintain the high standard of LMS.

Materials from UKAPCE Training Sessions – Chinese Characters

Chinese Music

video of teaching characters

Chinese Culture

essay writing

Chinese Characters

Qu – author 2

Wang – author 3

Dr Song Lian Yi’s note

Using a wide range of activities for your lesson and enable personalised learning and tracking. This site requires registration. It is powered by the Open Source package Moodle. With added plugins, it allows a wide ranges of activities to be used in a lesson, for homework, and even discussion using wiki or forum. This site allows students to check their progress from anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. When planning a lesson, a list of various activities will pop up in front of the teacher. Any choice will just be a click away.