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8 Prizes from UKPCE on Sunday 22/06/2014. Please check the Newsletter page for details.

Snow White – our school’s drama performance for UKFCS

The school Youtube channel

Spring Festival celebration at LMS with style. Please read the report and MORE celebration PHOTOS ……

Have a Happy New Year Of 2014! Please read the first letter of the year from Principal Zhu (Dr. Zhu Xiaojiu)

Recently, many parents and volunteers have donated various kinds of food and moon cakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival at the London Mandarin School. Please view the photographs .

In July 2013, we visited the House of Lords again. Please view the photographs and the students’ reports of the visit .

2013 Holland Mandarin Competition – Weiye ZHU, a bronze medal winner

Grand Opening! Our students are Winners (calligraphy) , Winners (dance), Winners (drama) and Winners (singing)  in various competitions. Please read the report from Feng Yan.

Summer Visit to the House of Lords: Some of our students and staff visited the House of Lords. See photographs and report. Also see the Thank You letter to our GCSE/A level students from Lord Cotter. Here is the final translation of Lord Cotter’s story.