School Management Committee

The School Management Committee (学校管理委员会) is the legislative, executive and judicial body of the school with 6 members. They are the most dedicated professionals who leads the school from strength to strength.

Ms LIAO Xiuqin (Headteacher)

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Ms WANG Caiyu (Deputy headteacher)

Caiyu, with dual master degrees (MBA and MSc in Investment Risk Management), has been working in the fields of risk management, financial investment and education management for over 20 years. She has unique in-depth understanding of both Oriental and Western education systems and family cultures. Many of her articles have been published in educational magazines and newspapers. She is also the senior consultant for the UK office for Shenzhen City (China), at the same time she is a senior manager for Oxford International Education and Bucksmore Education.
王彩育: 伦敦普通话简体字学校副校长, 工商管理MBA和投资风险管理双硕士毕业,常年从事风险管理、金融投资和教育管理工作,有20多年教育管理的经验,对东西方教育和家庭文化有独到的见解,曾多次在教育杂志和报刊发表文章。现任深圳市欧洲办事处英国办公室高级顾问,牛津国际教育集团和Bucksmore教育中国

Ms CHANG Yan (Deputy headteacher and School administrator)

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Ms ZHOU Shuying

Connie, as the head of the parents association of LMS, has organised many events and activities to promote communication and cooperation between the school and parents, between parents! She is also the vice president of the renowned UK Zhejiang Association and its Events Organisation Department Manager. As a top graduate from West London University in Luxury Product Management, she has known expertise in hotel management, event organisation and interpersonal communications.
周淑颖: 昵称帽子姐,伦敦普通话简体字学校管委, 家长会会长,同时也任英国浙江联谊会的副会长及活动部部长! 毕业于西伦敦大学奢侈品管理专业,在管理酒店饭店,组织活动,人员沟通交流方面有特长! 参与了我们中学学校的管理及组织了多项师生家长间交流活动!

Ms JI Min

Min is LMS’ HSK coordinator and the first head of Friends of LMS. Having lived in the UK for over 17 years, Min has spent over 15 years in the City (the heart of the financial world). With a master degree of law and an MBA under her belt, Min has been involved in many national and international level projects and a member of Essex University’s trustee. As the HSK coordinator, she has been working hard with the teachers to promote learning and assessment.



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